Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Plan for the Freedom Tower

Who Might Fill Freedom Tower?

Thus asks today’s Wall Street Journal, in an article describing the obvious reluctance of mortal human beings to work where lightening has already struck, to deadly result:

Private businesses scoffed at locating in a tall, high-profile building on the site of two terrorist attacks. New York City's government and the building's owner, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, say they won't take space in Freedom Tower, opting instead for less-visible buildings on the Ground Zero site.

To fill the offices, plans include forcing government employees to put themselves in harm's way for what would surely be the most tempting terrorist target in the world. It doesn't look easy:

"It's frightening," a Customs border-protection worker said in an interview yesterday. The worker, employed by the agency at the former trade-center site, refused to give her name for fear of retribution from supervisors. "When I heard about the Freedom Tower, I just stood still, I couldn't feel," she said. "They're going to have to take me like this" -- she motioned with both arms -- "and move me."

I have a suggestion that would make the building safe for all and require no coercing of private employees or U.S. government workers to sit in fear of their lives in return for a paycheck.

My suggestion is this: put the United Nations in the top fifty floors of the “Freedom Tower.”

That would render the entire Freedom Tower impervious to attack. Not to mention resolving the mid-town parking crisis.

Jeff Matthews
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extickerpimp said...

Great call Jeff...

Andrew Schmitt said...

Great idea Jeff, wrong reason.

Would the administrators of the U.N. be as open and understanding with states that sponsor terrorism (such as letting them sit on the Human Rights Council) if they themsleves were sitting atop the worlds biggest terrorist target?

My response here.

dearieme said...

My warmest congrats on a brilliant wheeze. Perhaps you could squeeze in the World Bank and Greenpeace beneath, just in case you've misread the terrorist mind?

sport_prospect said...


TG said...

A very appealing idea.


JFB said...

Hear! Hear! Where do I sign the petition! The other group that would be good to put on those floors would be government lobbyists.


Mr. Friendly said...

Hear, hear.

Nice idear.

simeon wohlberg said...

one of the greatest ideas EVER!!!!

Jeff Matthews said...

If John Wheatcroft learned to clean up his language, readers would see a sharp dissent here. But he mistakes this for a Yahoo message-board, with message-board type langugage, and blames his consequent lack of posting on editorial bias. My apologies.

blown cue said...

Private businesses scoff?

Alright, I suppose terrorists might want to play Whack-A-Mole with the site, and certainly anyone employed at the site prior to 9/11 could have issue.

But how is Citicorp any different?

Why are you at less risk for working at the Met Life building?

What if you work for New York Life?

How about if you work in the AT&T building (the semi-donut hole at the top)?

Or 9W57th St?
Or Black Rock?
The Gulf and Western building, Chrysler building?

"Oh but those aren't internationally known landmarks" you say.

Well, some aren't. But you don't think a terrorist would seek new markets?

Ground security, building security and airplane security are three factors no structure can avoid.

I have a hard time believing that for the right price, someone isn't going to sign a lease.

Maybe China could fill it completely. Both private and government, it could be the new embassy, with businesses on site.

Or residences--at the right price: "You can live and work in New York or you can live in fear."

A helipad, some jet packs: you're good to go.

Too much capital, too many people on the planet...it'll get filled.