Friday, March 23, 2007

Whose iPhone is This, Anyway? Answers Forthcoming.

We here at Not Making This Up strive to not make it up; and with that in mind we sometimes survey readers on topics of interest, such as the new iPhone (“Whose iPhone is This, Anyway?” March 4).

I am pleased to report that thus far we have received 41 thoughtful, intelligent responses to our eight-question survey.

I’m even more pleased the responses as a whole give some insight into the iPhone and its place in the “smartphone” marketplace. In fact, serious investors may learn something.

We are still compiling the results and will present our conclusions shortly, meaning, whenever we get around to it.

In the meantime, last-minute entries are welcome.

Jeff Matthews
I Am Not Making This Up

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fiveyearhold said...

Jeff - I'm not an early adopter of these technologies so I don't have anything to comment here, this is just a personal message to thank you for all your earlier writings. I enjoy reading them immensely and hope they continue well into the future. I would like to contribute more but can rarely think of anything good to add. I will keep recommending your page to others though.

econjohn said...

people replacing blackberrys or treos are as much the audience for the iphone as hardcore gamers are for the wii -- i.e. not the intended audience.

instead of polling readers of your blog, maybe you should ask the couple of 20 year olds i heard on the el the other day. They talked about the iphone -- how much they wanted it, how much it costs, when it comes out, who the provider is, etc. -- during the 10 minutes I was across the aisle from them. it was not a question of how expensive it is, it was all about how hot is.

Jeff Matthews said...


You're right: there's no question the iPhone will be a hot product for the 18-30 iPod generation. Anybody with a 22 year old in their household knows that.

What we're exploring is the impact beyond the iPod Generation, which is precisely why we asked our readers the questions we asked.

pt said...

I am the father of a 21, an 18 and a 15 year. Not one of them has intimated that they want an iPhone for anything. Each of them has a cell with text and camera and they seem to be happy with it for now. The iPhone is not even a topic for them at this time. For the parents it holds nothing of interest.