Thursday, July 26, 2007

This Just In: Dave Chappelle Learns to Use the iPhone

We here at NotMakingThisUp have it on good authority that Dave Chappelle, who I personally think is one of the few actually funny comedians making a living as comedian these days, learned to use an iPhone last night at a hotel in the general vicinity of Washington, D.C.

(Is there anybody else out there besides me who finds Will Ferrell distinctly not funny, no matter how funny Will Ferrell tries to be?)

Furthermore, the iPhone which Dave Chappelle learned to use last night—or, more accurately, very very early this morning—was the same iPhone which NotMakingThisUp subjected to the highest standard of consumer product testing in the world recently, when we let a bunch of teenagers use it for two weeks.

(I realize Will Ferrell has an appealing persona, and he does have that thing going with his face where he always looks to be on the verge of doing or saying something extremely funny…)

As reported here, the teenagers decided the iPhone was extremely cool.

Dave Chappelle likewise found the iPhone extremely cool, according to the eyewitness report we received at approximately 2:30 this morning. Our eyewitness showed Mr. Chappelle how to unlock it, check out a YouTube, and take pictures.

During the course of the demonstration, our eyewitness explained to Mr. Chappelle that the iPhone's limited storage capacity did not allow her to download her extensive music collection, which included a number of comedians.

"Which comedians?" Mr. Chappelle asked.

"Dane Cook and Jerry Seinfeld," responded our eyewitness.

"Excuse me," Mr. Chappelle said, then walked over to a railing in the hotel lobby and pretended to throw up.

After ten or fifteen minutes playing around with the iPhone and showing it to several friends, Mr. Chappelle took half a dozen pictures of himself with our eyewitness, selected one he liked best, and erased the rest.

(...but is there a scene in a Will Ferrell movie in which Ferrell says something or does something which actually generates a spontaneous laugh from the audience rather than those Saturday Night Live types of this-is-where-you-laugh reflexive responses?)

We’re not sure what Dave Chappelle thinks of the iPhone's virtual keyboard, nor are we aware that he had any strong opinions on the speed of the AT&T network which our teenager panel found most frustrating, but we do suspect that if Steve Jobs wanted to plant a high-profile iPhone in the hands of an extremely popular public figure, we know what hotel Jobs should send it to.

Will Ferrell was not available for any comments on the iPhone, or his comedic persona, as we went to press.

Jeff Matthews
I Am Not Making This Up

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Neil Harris said...

My wife and I can't figure out why people think Wil Ferrell is funny, either. Unless acting retarded is funny.

Dave Chappelle is hilarious, of course.

Mark said...

>>Dane Cook<<

Talk about a complete and total absence of talent... Now THAT guy's career is a total mystery!

>>(...but is there a scene in a Will Ferrell movie in which Ferrell says something or does something which actually generates a spontaneous laugh from the audience rather than those Saturday Night Live types of this-is-where-you-laugh reflexive responses?)<<

Yes, in "The Wedding Crashers" (the rest of which was a mediocrity):

"Ma... Where's the meatloaf, ma!!!"

Why is that scene funny? I have absolutely no idea, but for some reason, it truly is.

SPQR said...

Please add Adam Sandler to the unfunny list.

Matt said...

Ferrell tends to get funnier on repeated viewings up to a limit. I'm not a huge fan of his at all usually, but I think "Old School" is absolutely hysterical and much funnier than any other films in the genre since.

PT said...

My problem is that I have no clue who Wil
Ferrell might be and my 16 year old isn't here to ask.

Jason said...

Will Ferrell is Chevy Chase all over again.

Jason said...

Will Ferrell is Chevy Chase again.

Jesse said...

Old School. Scene were Ferrell shoots himself with an animal tranquilizer. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that that scene has me weeping on the floor.

jmf said...

Moin from Germany,

in general i agree that Farelll isn´t funny.

But this one is funny as hell.

The reason might be that it is a Bush parody.... :-)

Jeff Matthews said...

You're right. He does do a great Bush. The deer-in-headlights look is perfect.

fred said...

your'e right about chappelle. and carlos mencia! funny. ferrell is just another mainstream mouth. except for the line about the meatloaf. that was funny.

bundo said...

I have to say, I thought Ferrell was amazing in his recent movie - Stranger than Fiction. It's the first time I saw him in a non-comic role.

Finn Kristiansen said...

I don't think Will Ferrell can stand in a comparison of comedians when it comes to verbal wit or spontaneous comedy.

However, he does do what he does well. And what is it that he actually does?

Playing the earnest yet totally misguided person who maintains a sense of cluelessness about the situations he is in.

It's a different sort of comedy that would not stand on its own. He is contextually funny, as opposed to a Chappelle, who is verbally funny.

(Awesome blog by the way... especially the Buffet journey)

len said...

Check this link,here's a comment on the iphone from the tech guy at our newspaper. he doesn't seem to be that impressed.

administrator said...

Com' guys are dating yourself. Comedy changes. Hardly anyone OVER 40 thinks Will Ferrell is funny. But no one UNDER 40 thinks that Dan Aykroyd is funny. I'm guessing your parents couldn't understand why Chevy Chase was funny, either.

No one over 40 thought the last crop of comedians that bailed on SNL after it made them famous were funny either. But Fey, Rock, Fallon, and Ferrell are right up there with Murphy, Myers, Martin and Radner.

What you guys need is a good dose of cowbell...

...or some Neil Diamond...

Will Ferrell is hilarious. It's just a matter of age whether you think so or not. No offense, but some of you guys are just too old to "get it."

Sportif60614 said...

Dane Cook: noise.

Will Ferrell: actor, cute.

Chevy Chase: actor, cuter, though not a contemporary.

Dave Chappelle: actual comedian, outrageously hilarious.

Yes, I'm over 40, but I don't see how anyone under 40 could rank Ferrell anywhere close to Chappelle if the criteria is comedic genius.

Jeff Matthews said...

Sportif: my sentiments exactly. Thank you.

Jennifer said...

The cowbell bit is hilarious. But Will didn't write it. Too bad he couldn't have gotten those writers for his movies.

Ron said...

The cowbell bit is hilarious. But Will didn't write it. Too bad he couldn't have gotten those writers for his movies.

Thomas said...

I'm not going to argue the Will Ferrell vs Chappelle, either. Chappelle is a genius. Ferrell is just goofy funny.

But Ferrell did write the cowbell skit. It's just hard to turn five minutes of funny into an hour and a half movie.