Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Most Interesting Sentence Fragment You Will Read Today

The most interesting sentence fragment you will read today—at least, in our eyes—comes from a large U.S.-based company that sells its products around the world.

While this particular company would not qualify for one of Warren Buffett’s “Hope Diamond” type gems (“It’s far better to own a significant portion of the Hope diamond than 100% of a rhinestone”), it’s big, it’s important, and it’s suffering from a confluence of events not entirely of its own making.

Those events are of the making of Alan Greenspan’s free money policy of years past, combined with the get-rich-quick economic policy of the Communists who still run China, and the sentence fragment came during the course of a discussion about cost pressures arising at a time when sales pressures are intensifying—an unhappy combination for any business.

It is as follows:

“…an inflationary spiral coming out of China…”

We’ll have more on this at a later date: it just seemed unlikely we’ll see anything more interesting today….

Jeff Matthews
I Am Not Making This Up

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Stephen said...

How does GM lose $40 billion in one quarter?

jimmy105 said...

Recession is rapidly becoming a moot point, I fear. It seems we could forego that stop on our way to the "D" word.

pondering said...

Thanks Jeff and more importantly, thank you Jimmy105 for the laugh. It made me wonder how to calculate the combinations one has, when the house of cards collapses.

Dale said...

Was this DOV or HAL that made these comments?