Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Interrupt This Broadcast to Bring You…Rice-Hoarding in America

We interrupt this reprint of last year’s “Pilgrimage to Omaha” series to bring you the most interesting news story you may well read today.

It is titled “Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World,” it was written by Josh Gerstein, and it was published in the New York Sun.

Without giving away the heart of the story, if the prospect of rice-hoarding at Costco stores strikes you as something worth reading about, here’s where to go:


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mh497 said...

Unfortunately, after reading this article on Drudge Report yesterday, I saw a gentleman at my local Trader Joe's who had his cart filled with only bags of rice, I believe about 30.

someguy said...

I think you might have a space between 'nysun.' and 'com'

Richard said...

A related observation, from the Norwalk Costco on Saturday, is that the price of Barbecued Chickens went up to $5.49 from $4.99, which had been the price for a very long time.

SirRupertNeve said...

I always laughed at how expensive rice was in Japan and how adverse the Japanese were to importing rice. Their reasoning for not importing rice seemed silly... but now I'm starting to see why!

Mark said...

Who says this country isn't a great melting pot? Uncle Sam is now less important than Uncle Ben!

David said...

A 25 pound bag of rice lasts my family about 6 months, and we eat a lot of rice for an American family (3-4 times a week). I have to wonder what the gentleman in the article is going to do with ten 50-pound bags.

Jeff Matthews said...


A lot of Costco customers are small businesses, including restaurants. That probably explains his appetite!