Friday, May 09, 2008

Berkshire Update

We here at NotMakingThisUp made it to the 2008 Berkshire meeting thanks only to the remarkable efficiency of, and we are not making this up, NetJets.

That happy ending rescued us from the normal United Airlines nightmare situation of a plane full of people which, in the pilot's words, "broke" after two hours on the runway in Chicago and returned to the gate without a Plan B in place.

The full story will be coming down the road. In the meantime, normal posting will resume here Monday.


Namazu said...

They offer happy endings on NetJets? Guess that makes the massage on Virgin seem ordinary.

SKI said...

Can you confirm that Buffet has indeed re-written the textbooks with his definition of "recession"?

In other words, does he in fact claim it no longer takes two down quarters?


Anonymous said...

I love this blog, It's very interesting, again

{_|_}111y said...

well where is it? you could have been typing live while there.

com'on,let's go!

Anonymous said...

Jeff: Looking forward to your comments on Buffett's "Woodstock for Capitalists". Here's something to think about, though: Is Buffett a hypocrite on derivatives? I'll let you know as you start your posts on Berkshire's Annual Shareholder Meeting.