Friday, June 13, 2008

Carl Icahn’s “Plan B” for Yahoo!?

We here at NotMakingThisUp don’t normally engage in rumor-mongering of any kind. As loyal readers know, we try assiduously to stick to what we do not make up.

But in the case of the latest news from Carl Icahn’s seriously miscalculated effort to force Yahoo! and Microsoft into a shotgun marriage, we want to report the following suggestion from a loyal reader:

Carl’s New Plan to Rescue Yahoo!:

1. Merge Icahn investment in Yahoo! (ticker YHOO) with Icahn investment in Motorola (ticker MOT).

2. Put obsolete Yahoo! software on obsolete Motorola hardware.

3. Select new stock ticker: "MOOO!"

We think that about says it all.

Jeff Matthews

I Am Not Making This Up

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PhotoMan said...

Or call it MOOT!

PhotoMan said...

Or call it MOOT!

Schnitzel_Republic said...

If I were Carl....I'd be worried about these two Detroit pension plans and just how far I helped to drag them into this and how much they lose in the end. If the two funds lose a significant amount...some of these cops are going to come looking for Carl.

I think Carl really miscalculated how Google would react and help Yahoo in this entire mess.

A Concerned Taxpayer said...

Kinda sad watching the old boy thrash around. Same old story: NYC investment power broker gets all uppity and thinks they can play in the SV sandbox. How many times will the story repeat before the bankers get smart?

Brian said...

This idea would make millions, per the "The Remunerative Powers of OO"

Jerry Dill said...

They were thinking that they could beat Google by bullying them out. I don't think it would work, though. The internet market won't work the same as other markets. You can't just bully traffic away from being a larger combined force. Oh well! won't happen now.