Monday, December 05, 2011

What ELSE S&P Threatened to Downgrade Today...

 Victrola Talking Machines
 Longtop Financial
 Solar panel industry
 Herman Cain
 ‘N Sync
 Amy Winehouse

Anything else we missed?

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Anonymous said...

8 track tapes, the typewriter, common sense.

Colin P said...

Advice given by McKinsey Consulting, stock selections by Abby Joseph Cohen, Tiger Woods's chances at winning another golf tournament, blogs written by hedge fund managers, people that post on message boards.

Colin P said...

...Menudo, the career and relationship prospects of "Fabulous" Fabrice Tourre, investors doing their own credit analysis, a New England textile company bought by some hayseed in Omaha.

Unknown said...

The United States Postal Service, friendly air travel, 2400 baud modems, and Newt Gingrich's first two marriages.

John Hempton said...

Longtop never had any stated debt - and hence never had a credit rating...

When it was all over we discovered it never had any cash - and had some undisclosed bank debt.


david said...

Greece not cut by S&P - not surprised because Greek debt is worthless @CVecchioFX

extickerpimp said...

I'm lowering my rankings from " strong buy" to "neutral" on leeches, The Ryhthm Method and " The Four Horseman of the Internet". A. Neff

Tahoe Kid said...

Enron and Lehman Brothers

Bruce said...

oppressive/repressive, money hoarding, arrogant Arab dictators

Anonymous said...

webvan,, CMGI
& milli vanilli

Anonymous said...

Rick, Michelle and Herman.