Wednesday, October 03, 2012

This Just In: “HP Not Doing Well”

 In a shocking turn of events, Hewlett-Packard executives today disclosed at a very long analyst day with Wall Street’s Finest that the company—which makes printers that nobody really needs anymore, PCs that nobody really buys anymore, sells outdated services offered by the former EDS, which nobody liked in the first place—is not doing well.

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longshorttrader said...

You, Kynikos, and a competitor helped me stay away from this one in the 20s (and change my bias to sell/short). Thank you.

Is there a company as large as HPQ (by way of market cap or revenue) that has (or had) as much C-level turnover?

Jeff Matthews said...

Funny enough, HPQ's "C-level turnover" has been mainly limited to the CEO. The CFO who presided over all these disasters (EDS, Autonomy, spin off the pc's/don't spin off the pc's) is still there, amazingly enough.

There aren't many like this one...

Anonymous said...

@ Jeff,

What is probably most poisonous is how HP's board remains intact -- under incredibly bad performance for years. This is one of the markers of a really bad company -- like Yahoo.

Until the board fires itself -- we won't see a turnaround.