Monday, October 01, 2012

This Just In: Netanyahu Deemed Scarier Than Ahmadinejad

 This fake headline/story is from The Onion.
 We are big fans of The Onion. 
 If the Arctic Monkeys are the official house band of “NotMakingThisUp,” and the New York Post is the newspaper of record, then The Onion would be our alter ego.
 But what is scary about this fake headline is that, somehow, it is deemed funnier and more pertinent than “Ahmadinejad Feeling Like Trip to the US to start World War III Went Pretty Well.”
 What would The Onion make of Kristallnacht?

Netanyahu Feeling Like Trip To US To Start World War III Went Pretty Well

NEW YORK—Following his speech to the United Nations General Assembly this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Friday that he is “pretty satisfied” with his trip to the U.S. to instigate World War III. “All in all, I think I accomplished my goal of pushing humanity toward the brink of complete and utter annihilation,” said Netanyahu, adding that his implicit calls for international military action against Iran, which would ultimately escalate the conflict to an Armageddon-level of death and destruction, went “fairly well.” “I think I did a good job laying the groundwork for a nuclear holocaust that will kill billions of people and eventually end the world as we know it. Sounded like everyone really liked it, too.” When reached for comment, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told reporters that he was “equally happy” with his own efforts to nudge the world slightly closer to a full-blown apocalypse.Description:


Anonymous said...

Mr. Matthews, as a citizen of Israel, those were my thoughts EXACTLY. Foreign policy should not be definely solely on national interests, but should also be guided by shared values. The thought that an Ahmadinejad could waltz into the US, and speak freely at the UN is mind-boggling.
My sincere thanks for picking this up - anf for considering it of sufficient pertinence.

Avi Ifergan

Anonymous said...

Your first post in six weeks is this?

Anonymous said...

I can imagine similar headlines about confronting Hitler over the Sudetenland and how a repeat of Verdun would be a good thing but instead the west waited and millions more died. It’s despicable really-not the Onion-but that society has come to this level of complacency and cowardice. Reelecting the incompetent ideologue in the White House will be another straw.

Chuck Stanger said...

Pretty funny but sad, too, because it's so true. Sadly, when horrible crimes are committed against a group of people the historical echoes are evil and long lasting. The Holocaust, importation of slaves into the New World, etc. have sent large, nasty, waves across humanity's pond. Yet, it was a tragedy but not one promising complete human annihilation prior to the introduction of nuclear weapons. Good luck folks. May our allegiance to our imaginary friends not kill us all.

Jeff Matthews said...

Anonymous #2: Yep. Seemed more outrageous than whatever HPQ is going to tell the barking seals at today's analyst meeting.

Will said...

Whats scary is that the Iranians might actually believe it is true. It wouldn't be the first time they have taken the Onion at face value.

The Iranian Fars news agency has run a story from the spoof online news site the Onion, apparently failing to realise that it was all a joke.

Jeff Matthews said...

Will makes an excellent point: wouldn't it be wonderful (but, let's be clear: tragic) if it was that article in The Onion that actually started World War III?