Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Question We'd Like to Hear for H-P Today

 Now that HP has come clean and fessed up to the almost-literally-mind-boggling waste of shareholder money on the now-being-reported-to-the-Serious-Fraud-Office Autonomy acquisition, there is one question we'd like to hear asked by one, just one, of Wall Street's Finest.
 We'll report back some time after the call, but our hopes aren't very high.


fivetonsflax said...

Er -- what's the question?

Anonymous said...

And that question is "How could you pay Leo Apotheker $25mm after the disaster that was only compounded on his watch?"

Anonymous said...

They will have to "do something extraordinary for those two to pull them over the line here"

The two are reality and gravity

Anonymous said...

Its gotten to the point that when hp makes the news, JMINMTU is my first stop. I can't wait to read about this one!